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Eureka Forbes

Tagged with: electronics

Posted on: November 21, 2009

total 55 ratings

Products in Water Purifier, Vacuum Cleaner, Air Purifiers.

Euro Helpline - 39883333

Press 1 for Sales

Press 2 for Service

Currently the services are available in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Delhi/NCR, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad from 8 am to 8 pm. Very soon the services should be made available across all the major cities in India.

If dialing fro NCR Region dial 011-39883333

33 comment so far:

KAMLESH GIRI says on December 12, 2009 21:31

water is not flowing from outlet of water filter

M nautiyal says on January 9, 2010 23:27

My aquaguard (NOVA) requires urgent servicing since there is no water flowing from the outlet.

Vinod KAPOOR says on April 14, 2010 08:10

i want to get my aquaguard sertviced immediately

Ashish.k.Shah says on May 12, 2010 05:17

i want to install aquaguard immediately........

Teja says on June 7, 2010 23:15

Bull shit coustomer service from aquaguard, need's to wait for hours on phone to get hold of a coustomer service personal and then they promises that the guy will turn up in 24hr and he will never turn up no matter how urgent it is. with market competion of pristine or kent or some new product i don;t see any reason why u need to go for a bull shit product at bull shit price and head ach service. Lady's and gentlemens Pls be aware.

Sudhindra says on June 25, 2010 07:01

I have purchased a new RO system at Gulbarga(Karnataka) and the old Pump model was sent to my parents at Bagalkot. I am very disappointed to note that I am not able install the old system which is in working condition at Bagalkot where Aqu Engrs give false promises when ever they are called over phone to come for the installation. It is yet to be installed even after 2 months and I must have called at least 15 times the concerned aqua staff. Can I get any solution for this ? Please suggest. Sudhindra

Dr. A.K.ray GM Quality. says on July 15, 2010 23:21

For a long tme duration our( R & C Laboratary main building Durgapur steel plan,Durgapur,Westbengal) aquaguard is down. The serviceman came after 2 days & he taken out the pcboard but till 10-12 days he is not attending the m/c. Please help

Y.P.Rana says on July 19, 2010 21:33

Needs spares - carbon crystals & water filter for replacement. I am in Ahmedabad - satellite area .

Anu says on August 11, 2010 22:48

HAVE CALLED Euroka Forbes ONLY 5-7 times for Servicing my Aqua Sure in last 3 months. Everytime they have promised to come for servicing but no one EVER comes. DISGUSTING SERVICE BY THIS CO

srinivasarao setty says on August 18, 2010 08:53

aqua sure is purchased by me almost 1 and 1/2 year back . its tap is not working from past 4months and lanuched a comliant for the same in related official web site- customer service link. till now no responce. we donot know where these spare parts are available. please help us. srinivasarao setty 9177717141

r k lodhi says on September 6, 2010 23:38

once upon a time i used to quote aquagaurd for their services,but now in world of comptetion and good services the so called best services provided by you are shame. I am tired of calling you nagpur office[all nos] but nobody pick up the phone. I have three years contract and paid Rs 2550/= my contract no is 15404683 dated 30/04/o8. I will be happy if you check the details and let me know how many services you have done. Almost 3 mths back your service man came and he changed only one candle the other candle of the main unit he says he will bring in couple of days and do it. hope to hear from u soon .my no is 8087160634 Thanks in advance

Alok Sharma says on September 7, 2010 08:38

aquaguard water purifier is not working properly. last time service boy replaced the mother board for Rs.600 and this time again after 3 months he replaced transfarmer for Rs.480 before these he charged so many times for the parts. machine is going out of order again and again. can't understand what to do?

Naina P.Thakur says on September 10, 2010 00:27

aquaguard water purifier is not working properly. The folow of the water outlet is too slow and it takes a great deal of time to fill up the water filters and other utesnils. Kindly do the needful at the earliest. Regards Naina P.Thakur. Landline -022-25131664 / 9022460450

irene says on September 15, 2010 00:50

What a sham this aquaguard is. No service men turn up. No customer care personnel to take down your complaint and they dont give a damn what your problem is, it doesn't matter to them. Please all of you, go in for any other water purifier, but this shit squaguard

rajan kumar says on September 24, 2010 02:09

i need help for installing aquaguard machine at my residence at A8, Lajpatnagar 1, ND. The same is under AMC receipt no 008435

sud says on September 30, 2010 02:35

no is not toll free......

suriendra mohan says on October 5, 2010 23:47

I complained with complaint no 83654641 dated 5.10.2010. No response for the last 26 hrs. The complaint no is not toll free. The company should check.

T K GUHA says on October 21, 2010 03:51

The aquaguard water filter (REVIVA) was working normal til we went outstation on 12.10.10. Before going the stored water was flashed out and power was switched off. Since return on 19.10.10 morning, the machine is not responding at all even though the power was switched on and water flow was ensured. Don't know what to do now.

Jagriti says on October 29, 2010 03:08

we have lodged a complaint in your customer care No.The complaints have been noted by your executive and on asking for the complait No they say that they will call and give us the complaint No. It has been three days, we have been posting complaints but Neither the fault has been rectified Nor the complaint No is being given on our call. We have an ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FRON JUL2010. we are contemplating lodging a formal complaint in this regard ! We have been using this I Nova machine for many years in numerous cities; but have found such poor service only in Hyderabad!

VERENDRA SINGH says on November 12, 2010 11:46

AQUA GUARD SERVICE IS REALLY HOPELESS . If you call them , they will promise but never come. BUT THEY WILL DEFINITELY & WITHOUT FAIL COME TO YOUR RESIDENCE JUST BEFORE EXPIRY OF YOUR AMC CONTRACT DATE. TO RENEW THE AMC. If u renew then it is OK,, Otherwise they will pretend to do service and in that process they will fiddle with the machine so that within 1 week troubleshooting will start & you will have to call them like a beggar. BAD BUISINESS PRACTICE.

Ravi Somadri says on December 2, 2010 08:51

My Aqua Guard Nova Gold, fall down from installed position due to worst product quality and installation. I am chasing Aqua Guard Call Center as well Local. since 3 Months, Sales and Service never bother to give solution. Worst part every time i call call center they commit to resolve same day or they give new login no every time. My Latest complaint no is 60261189.

Mrs.Hamsa Syal says on December 11, 2010 08:58

I have already given complaint to customer services(phone #39883333) and no one has bothered to come and check it out. There is no water flowing from the instrument. I am under AMC. Why does Eureka Forbes con us into an AMC and then don't bother to come when we are in trouble. Is this what Eureka Forbes is all about. Make us buy the machine and con us into an AMC and then don't bother with the servicing????

Manikandan says on December 14, 2010 05:45

I am really unhappy with the service I am getting from Eurekaforbes. I had made a complaint during September 2010 and they have not even bothered to visit my house for the service. I have been making repeated complaints during October also but went in vain. I did not expect this kind of service from Eurekaforbes. As expected the service engineer visited my house just 10 days before my annual maintenance which expires by December 2010 and informed me he has come for the service which was raised. This is the kind of service i have received. I am using this Aquagaurd since 1995 and had a great hope on Eureka forbes but you have destroyed your image due to your worst service. I have stopped recommending to for Aquagaurd or Eurekaforbes to my friends due to your bad service.

souvik biswas says on December 21, 2010 00:56

required a water purifier at nagpur ,wadi area contact no 9052057970

Dipak kumar saikia says on December 30, 2010 22:42

My aqua guard is out of order for last 15 days .complained to local authority of Eureka forbes (Jorhat) but no service man attended

A.K. Mishra says on January 9, 2011 23:48

Its not working. No water coming out.

Ubaidullah says on January 28, 2011 22:51

I am the proudly owner of aqua gaurd NOVA no words to tell about my machine and service simply iam telling "FRAUD"

AJAY SARAIYA says on February 6, 2011 06:42

The aguaguard people are trained to sell their product by telling anything they can. They even claim that UV purifier is better than ro purifier as kent is snatching their most market and making the innocent people fool. ajay saraiya 9831063757 kolkata

P.PARAMESWARAN says on March 5, 2011 08:22

I have a valid AMC for my forbes crystal water purifier.I have been contacting the customer care for months but no body turned uo till date. what a poor way of customer care.

umakanth says on March 20, 2011 10:08

I bought water purifier before last year. from past 6 months that is out of working and we have given complaint 2 to 3 times till there is no response. Recently i got an inquiry from customer care about performance of our purifier but no use till now we did get our purifier repaired, buying water from outside. If they are unable to give service in Hyderabad, how could they give service to remote area??????

Nilesh Moroliya says on March 24, 2011 11:14

If you want to buy aquaguard in pune or anywhere in India, feel free to call me on Nilesh: 9860365279

RUMPA BISWAS says on April 10, 2011 21:11

Hi I have a nova gold...and the purifier is not working properly. Pls send some one for immidiate service.

Pushpa Ghodke says on April 14, 2011 02:28

water filter kit required for replacement in 25 ltr aquaguard water filter 09767894638

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